Particle turns to BMS Tech Sales to build highly successful sales team

“I've just not seen this kind of recruiting success happen before. It was as good as it gets.”

Jon Vass former MD International at Particle.


Jon Vass had just been made MD International at leading integrated IoT platform, Particle. It was 2021 and he was tasked with building an entirely new, high performing international sales team for the business.

“At the time it was an employees' market. There were loads of roles opening up post Covid and packages were skyrocketing. Posting on LinkedIn didn't get you any applicants and competition for the right candidates was fierce. While I had a few people in mind, we had five other roles to fill and we needed someone on the ground to help us successfully do this. I immediately turned to Dan Carroll and BMS Tech Sales.”


Working with Dan, Jon hired everyone he needed for his team, a team that proved to be a highly successful sales machine. Having started the hiring process in Oct 2021, the whole team was in place, ready to start work by Jan 2022. Every single person hired worked out.

From a standing start in Year 1 in a new territory with no leads, each sales person hit their targets - the team were all meeting their pipeline (which was 4 x target) and were all club qualifiers.

This hiring experience was so successful that Particle put BMS Tech Sales on retainer to help them find candidates for roles across the business.

“I've just not seen this kind of recruiting success happen before. It was as good as it gets.”


We started the hiring process in October 2021 and every vacancy was filled by Jan 2022. Communication was key. During this period Jon spoke to Dan almost every day. Dan wanted to get the right people in front of Jon, so gave him plenty of people to consider and took the time to better understand exactly the kind of candidate he was looking for. As a result, they were able to quickly build a very open and honest relationship, which made for an efficient and effective way of working.

One of the biggest hurdles, however, was convincing Particle's in-house recruitment team that bringing a third party in to support was the right way to go. 

“The in-house team were not outbound recruiters, but because they didn't know Dan's calibre, they were hesitant at first about bringing him in. I pushed for him to be part of the process and they quickly realised how valuable it was having him on side. So much so, in fact, that Dan then moved to retainer with Particle to help them find candidates across the business. He was just that good.”

If you'd like to find out how we can work on retainer with your in-house talent team, take a look at BMS Inside.


Jon had this to say about his time working with Dan:

“Dan at BMS Tech Sales is the best tech recruiter in London – a true professional.  If you know him, you know he will only get quality people in, there are never any time wasters. He doesn't just fill a vacancy, he cares about getting the right people into the right roles.

“Dan plays the long game and nurtures his relationships. He understands that the people he places will progress into management, eventually needing to build their own teams. If he gets it right from the start, they will come back to him. And because of the brilliant job he does, most of us do – he's placed me three times in the past.”