What we do

We help you scale your business

We partner with you to grow your business and help you get to market earlier by securing the best talent in the industry.

Your people will form the bedrock of your growth. We will find them for you.

We're specialists in tech sales recruitment

We make sure you set realistic target conditions

We are experts in scaling fast growing tech firms. We will tell you whether your expectations are realistic, reducing the time and cost it takes to hire

This minimises the risk of candidate churn, protecting your brand in the job market so you can continue to attract the best people.

We expertly represent you in the candidate market

We are market insiders. We understand your business and can have open and honest conversations with candidates.

We ask the questions that in-house Talent teams may shy away from. We find better matches faster so you stay ahead of the hiring curve and maintain your revenue flow.

We fill your vacancies with the right candidates

Our tried and tested Rule of 6 methodology dictates that companies need to see six people to find the right candidate for any one job.

We know what a good candidate looks like so can efficiently do all the searching and vetting to find you the very best six people for interview.

The Rule of 6: Our proven hiring methodology

Our experience shows you need to interview six candidates at first interview stage to find the right person for the job. The Rule of 6 gives you strength and depth in your hiring pipeline to avoid snap decisions or taking a hiring the best you have seen approach.


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