Saving time and money with external recruitment support

“Getting BMS Tech Sales in meant less work and a much better quality of candidate coming through versus what we had experienced on LinkedIn.”

Matt Vass, Director of Channel and Product Marketing at MANTIS Live


MANTIS Live had grown and expanded massively. Matt had been running the channel by himself for around three years but when he moved up into the director role, he needed an account manager to join the team. Having been placed by BMS Tech Sales himself, he was keen to use us for the appointment.


We put four candidates in front of the MANTIS team, they took two through to interview on the Friday. They offered the job to one of the candidates on the Monday and the position was accepted. They could not be happier with their choice. The whole process took less than three weeks.

But things had not always gone quite so smoothly. The MANTIS CEO wasn’t keen on using an external recruiter, he wanted to go down the LinkedIn route, so this is where they started. Matt was inundated with dross – he was pinged CVs every few minutes and received over 180 applicants by the time he’d had enough.

From those, he chose about 16 to take through the next stage for which the candidates had to produce a recorded video. They got seven replies. After reviewing all these, just one seemed to fit the bill but when they met in person, he was definitely not right. MANTIS lost a month and a half of time and a lot of man hours to end up with nothing. Matt was now able to convince the CEO to bring in BMS Tech Sales.

Matt Vass: “You could tell straight away that they quality of the candidate was that much higher than what we had had through via LinkedIn.”


Tom sat down with Matt and discussed what they were looking for and once the fees and terms were agreed, we went out and were actively head hunting, looking for opportunities. Having placed Matt in two previous roles (we helped him transition from the National Lottery into tech sales), he knew what was involved so knew that we were not going to just throw any old candidate at us. Very quickly, we ended up with four candidates, two of which ended up going through to interview phase.

Matt Vass: “The entire process took less than three weeks from briefing BMS Tech Sales to the candidate accepting the job. During that time, I didn’t really have to do anything until the team sent through the CVs and the accompanying candidate videos. It was infinitely more efficient than using LinkedIn - the amount of time it cost me was minimal and we got the right person for the job.”


“Companies are often sceptical about the benefits of an external recruiter like BMS Tech Sales. They are worried that they may not add anything over and above what you can do through LinkedIn for free. The reality is that getting BMS in meant less work and a much better quality of candidate coming through versus what we had experienced on LinkedIn.”