Candidates: Why it pays to go through a recruitment agency

Plenty of candidates prefer to apply for jobs directly with companies. They actively avoid positions advertised by recruitment agents. But there are real benefits to going through a recruitment agent - tapping into their network and gaining an independent view of the market can really add value to your job search.

I am all too aware that as a recruitment agent myself, I have a vested interest in banging this particular drum. And yes, many of the value-adds you get as the candidate will make for a much better hiring process for everyone involved (client and recruiter included). But hear me out.

Benefit from specialist mentoring

The reality is that when you apply for a position directly with a company, they have little or no interest in guiding you through the process. You will not receive any kind of coaching that could help you improve as you move through the interview stages. With a recruitment agent, this is exactly what you’ll get.

Experienced agents will help you hone your interview skills so that you highlight the experience that is most relevant. We will share our expertise with you so that you can develop your interview skills. We will give you real insight into how best to present yourself. Something that will help you both now and in the future. So even if you don’t end up getting the job, you will have new skills to take with you to your next interview.

Gain insider knowledge of the company

We are also a useful link between the hirer and the candidate. We can give both sides more in-depth information about the other We will help you better understand the company culture, the people you’ll be meeting and what it is they’re really looking for (job descriptions often only tell part of the story). This is not the kind of intel you will find on a company website or blog. It comes from having a really good personal relationship with those conducting the interviews and making the decisions. With a recruitment agent, you will get this information before that first interview, arming you with the information you really need to make the right impression.

What’s more, we can have those slightly more uncomfortable conversations with both sides that will, in the end, result in a much smoother hiring process. We will get the feedback from the company that you need – both positive and constructive. This is not something many companies automatically give candidates. We will also keep you informed about next steps.

Have someone fighting your corner

Ultimately, recruitment agents want you to succeed and if we can do anything to help you do that, we will. Although the company is our client, we are also on your side – we have put you forward after all and that means we want you to get the job. How you perform also reflects back on us.

And if you don’t end up getting the job, we can stay in touch about future work opportunities with other clients (take a look at this case study to see what we mean – link to Alan’s case study). We’ll know you well and what you’re looking for, so a lot of the leg work will have been done. Far more opportunities will come up with a recruitment agent versus an in-house talent team. If you’ve dealt directly with the company and you don’t get the job, it is unlikely you will be offered up other opportunities very quickly, if at all.