In-house Talent team recognises the power of external hiring support

“We were really struggling to fill a couple of new roles but within about a month of working with BMS Tech Sales we had recruited the right people for the job.”

Jamie Ainley Recruitment Manager at Sopra Banking Software


Jamie Ainley is the Recruitment Manager at Sopra Banking Software and he was looking to hire four new recruits. The complications were that these were brand new roles for the business and they included a very specific combination of skills.

No surprise then that they were finding it tough going…. Direct ads and two other recruitment agencies had failed to find the right candidates.


The Sales Director at Sopra had used Dan in the past and advised Jamie to get BMS Tech Sales in to help. Within about a month they had filled two of the positions through BMS Tech Sales, filled a third directly and put the fourth on hold until 2024.

Jamie had this to say about working with BMS Tech Sales: “The process was so efficient that we have now extended the relationship and are working with BMS Tech Sales on our Project Manager recruitment drive.”


It was important to move fast as the company had already been looking for some time. Jamie and the Hiring Manager had a kick off meeting with Dan and Tom, where they went through the job description and talked about the kind of candidate that would be of interest.

The position is essentially a Customer Services role but they are allocated to just one or two customers and are responsible for all activity for that customer.

“Within a week, Dan was back in touch with four candidates. We reviewed them with him there and then on the phone and gave our feedback, so it was really efficient. We scheduled in the necessary interviews and then there were three more candidates shortlisted in the second phase.”


“These were very unique roles so were not the easiest to recruit for. We had really struggled to find that right blend of customer facing experience, seniority in the role but also technical understanding. But we contacted Dan and Tom about the roles and filled them in the space of just a few weeks. We were so impressed with how quickly they were able to fill the positions.”