Trust is key when looking to hire the right candidates fast

“Dan understands what is important for me when I'm hiring, I know the quality of the candidates he sends to me will be best in class.”

James Still, Sales Director at Thinkproject


James Still was appointed Sales Director at Thinkproject in March 2023 and wanted to double the size of his sales team. We have worked with James in previous roles, building sales teams while at Aconex and BKwai. As a result, he turned again to BMS Tech Sales to help him find the right salespeople for Thinkproject.

Thinkproject is Europe's leading SaaS provider for built assets. From planning and building, through to maintenance and operation, their digital solutions offer support that covers the entire construction lifecycle.


We quickly built a strong working relationship with the in-house talent team that was assigned to these roles. As a result, it only took around four weeks (from the ad going live to the candidates signing contracts) to successfully fill two of the key vacancies with experienced account executives.

James Still had this to say: “Dan takes the time to know who a great fit for my team would be, meaning we save time by only receiving candidates who really embody the passion and dedication we're looking for at Thinkproject. Getting two key roles filled in a matter of weeks was a huge help to me and my team.”


Using our proven hiring methodology, the Rule of Six, we were able to keep James and his team busy interviewing relevant candidates. We collaborated well with the team, allowing us to quickly understand the kind of person they were looking for and making for a very successful search and interview process.

We narrowed the search down by focusing in on certain skills, but kept an open mind to the industries the potential candidates worked in. One of the successful candidates, James Perkins, was an experienced sales professional working in a different field, but his skill set fit the bill. We worked closely with him and the other candidates to make sure they would also be a good fit culturally – knowing James Still well and working so closely with his talent team helped us really hone in on the right personalities.

James Still commented: “Dan gets that we hire for the candidate's qualities, we can teach the skills and train the right candidate, so finding someone who works well with the rest of the team and shares our values is the most important part for us.”


“One conversation with Dan on certain areas we want to boost in our team, and he can take that away and make it a reality. Our relationship is at the point where I don't need to read CVs initially, I can arrange interviews straight away and build my interview questions around the CV when the time comes.”

James Still, Sales Director at Thinkproject.


“Moving industries can be daunting but the team at BMS was confident I'd be a good fit. This job encompasses the skills I've learnt previously and gives me a chance to further my career. This is the most professional consultancy I have experienced, and I couldn't be happier.”

James Perkins, Account Exec at Thinkproject.