The Rule of 6: Why it works

In the fiercely competitive technology industry, the success of your start-up hinges on the talent you bring on board. Recruiting top-tier candidates who can drive your company forward is a challenge that requires a well-thought-out strategy. At BMS Tech, we understand the significance of securing exceptional salespeople for your tech business. 

That's why we've developed the ‘Rule of 6', a unique approach to attracting the best talent. In this article, we'll delve into the ‘Rule of 6' and explore how it can positively impact how you recruit and benefit your business.

First off, everyone needs to know the process and buy into it. Being able to articulate how you have assessed someone is very important so that everyone understands what good looks like. There are six stages and six people involved, hence the name. In a nutshell, the ‘Rule of 6' is about mitigating risk but always ensuring the vacancy is filled. For businesses to build a predictable sales model, they need the right salespeople. You need the correct hiring methodology to find those people, and the ‘Rule of 6' is a journey for both parties where a commitment is needed from both sides.

The concept was borne out of one of our advisory partners who firmly believes in the power of processes. Generally, people believe that if you go through a process, you are left with a valuable result. The initial idea was to articulate what an ideal candidate's grades could mean to different people. For example, if you describe someone as an “A+ student”, this could mean a lot for someone studying in certain establishments, but at Oxford University, with a reputation for only accepting the cream of the crop, an A+ might not cut the mustard compared to a Distinction.

Initial Briefing

We like to discuss the brief in great detail and challenge where needed. We don't like anyone to have feelings of doubt, so the vetting process is like a fine-tooth comb. 

First three candidates help us check we've understood the brief

The first three candidates should tick all the boxes. The aim is to get these people to the second stage and, if not, we will go back to the drawing board and find you another three.

Candidates start the interview process

Interviews are a mixture of formal and informal styles to get a deeper understanding of what the candidates have achieved and what they are like as a person.

Second three candidates bolster your hiring pipeline

This is when it should start to feel tough to choose between such skilled candidates.

Robust checking to test their commitment

We seek out who deserves to fill that vacancy and who is more likely to grow effectively with your company.

The right person for the job

The vacancy is filled, and you are over the moon with the talent you have discovered for your business.

At BMS Tech, we understand that finding the right people for your tech team is crucial to your success. With our expertise in recruiting sales professionals in the tech sector, we can help you implement the ‘Rule of 6' and build a winning team that will drive your startup to new heights. Contact us today to start your journey towards attracting the best talent for your tech company.

Remember, it's not just about finding skilled candidates; it's about creating an environment where top-tier talent thrives and propels your start-up towards a prosperous future. After all, it's not enough to attract good candidates - you want to keep them. This brings us back to another of our articles on How to Maintain Your Culture As You Grow, where we look at the importance of creating core values so that you can create the right culture that can adapt over time.

Create an attractive company culture, embrace the ‘Rule of 6' and watch your tech start-up flourish with passionate people on board. As always, it's about having good people in the right places.